Tuesday, September 04, 2007

sometimes tuesdays are mondays

this morning I couldn't get out of my own way. I was a legitimate mess. I probably tried on 4 different outfits. I was trying to pack to go away for the week- I was fighting some real serious sleepiness- and nothing was ironed....I was very late...and then I had this on my way to work:
OK- you can't it very well- but it is a garbage truck that is leaking water. every time we went uphill the water would leak out all over. it was gross and slow. I almost went the long way around the city, but then I would have missed my chance to get a coffee, which was not an option. I stuck it out, kept my distance and got my latte. I know today is tuesday, but it felt like monday.

I left work early as I am spending the rest of the week out of the office attending a class. traffic was surprisingly bad through springfield, and I forgot just how far away exit 2 is. so far. my eyes were tired, and the temperature was 10 cooler out at exit 2. exit 2 is almost in NY, which never seems too far when we are driving to visit jj in troy, but today I was so ready to be out of my car. I was psyched to pull up to the mansion.

I arrived and met someone from my office at registration. we were surprised and pleased to find that we were staying at a historic and fancy resort. we had been booked suits and much to my liking this place is quiet with only a couple rooms on each floor. i really need some daylight to take some pictures of the room. these lamps do nothing for it. I'll get some tomorrow morning before my class starts. there appears to be a good walking trail as well- so I'll also get some shots of the grounds.

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