Wednesday, October 03, 2007


have you ever been asked to give driving directions to a place you know really well, but when put on the spot you kind of forget how to get there? it happens to me. someone stops me on the street, asks me how to get to the Baptist church down the road and I stare at them blankly wishing I could remember. eventually I recall how to do it, but I'm sure my hesitation makes the lost driver wary of my directions.

so I hit up the trader today at lunch in anticipation of our camping trip this weekend. I wheeled my cart through picking up essentials like cliff bars, peppered cashews, and goats do roam. I reached the checkout and the cashier, who is guy in his 50's says, "hi, how are you today?" i I responded with a courteous "good, how are you?". he says, "spiritually I'm in a good place but..."

he then went on to tell me that he was up all night working on his studio and had to drive to worcester to see his daughter's soccer game, and did I know worcester college was? after we determined that he meant Worcester State College- he asked me for directions. so here begins me giving the blank look just short of drooling as I wrack my brain trying to remember how to get to my alma mater. how embarrassing. suddenly I devised route for him and started rattling off directions. his high spiritual state must have given him the courage to trust me because before I knew it I was holding up the line as I wrote the directions for him on a piece of paper. we then went over land marks, the school buildings, ect.

then he bagged my groceries, taking care to protect the wine and the avocados, thanked me and I left. he seemed like a nice guy and a good dad. when I got in my car I was suddenly hit with a new feeling...the worried feeling that he might misunderstand my directions. that he might take a wrong turn. that he might not make it to chandler street. I swallowed my fears, reassured myself that I did know how to get to my school and gave him the proper directions. I decided he would just have to navigate the big city of worcester like a big boy. and now it's hours later and I am wondering if he is driving aimlessly around worcester looking for the college on the edge of town.

does this happen to anyone else?


Heather Maisey said...

Meliss! I've been meaning to tell you that your blog provides me with a wonderous way to waste time at work. I always forget about it, then, just when I've run out of news to read.... I think- wait, I haven't checked Melissa's blog in awhile! It's a bright spot. So now I had to write that yes, this does happen to me. I once told a guy at a gas station how to get to the zoo. Except I sent him down the wrong side of Balboa park. Then I worried about it and felt terrible all day. I wonder if he's still circling the park?

Melissa said...

yay! glad you are enjoying.

we'll see you soon!