Tuesday, October 02, 2007

werewolves of london

I was stuck in that famously long line of traffic on rt. 85 again this morning. the worst part is that it's dreadfully boring to sit there while no one moves. I'm not really in a big rush to get to my desk but being stuck without someone to chat with just isn't fun. to pass the time I was trying my hand at the local radio stations because the FM transmitter I bought for the ipod is worthless. so I'm scanning through the stations and I hear the faint howls of warren zevon and I was quickly reminded about my daydream of directing a road trip movie and the soundtrack that accompanies it.

I had forgotten about that daydream lately in lieu of focusing on other things that certainly less amusing. This made me happy. Now I have something to think about while stuck in that long line to get to the office! I then felt like a sheep- or worse a lemming- as I stared at the car in front of me. but we all must get paid, right?

anyway, this song would certainly make my soundtrack to the movie that as of yet has no plot. maybe tomorrow I'll work on that part of the dream?

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