Monday, October 15, 2007

live time travel

during one of my lunch time drives last week i was flipping through the radio channels and I was transported through time. i stopped on bcn for a while. now, wbcn is famous for two things: 1. low-brow college dude humor and 2. playing bad music from the 90's. (I listen for the low-brow humor). what they were playing transported me back in time....i alone by live. oh my- I would actually feel good if you had no idea what I was talking about but well, you probably do know this song. if for some reason you like this band, well, I can't appologize they were bad and they never wore shirts.

first I was transported back to a time in high school when my best friend and I would have all night beavis & butthead marathons that occasionally included drinking wild turkey. i distinctly recall a skit where beavis & butthead make awesome amounts of fun of the shirtless lead singer of live who also had a really long rat-tail/pony tail hair do. i believe they called him out as looking like one of those dolls that you pull the string on the back.....oh the low-brow.....

fast forward a few years to freshman year of college. I lived in a small house on campus with a slew of theater geeks. (i was unaware that my school would be crawling with theater geeks. could this fact have led me to transfer?) i lived on the second floor of this funky modern house. it was my first week of school, I was in my dorm room all by myself in the middle of the afternoon. it was september and the windows were open. out of the blue I hear super loud music coming through the floor and the open windows. live was being pipped through my house. then suddenly someone was singing along....but not just rockin' out like a wanna be front this was full on musical style operatic singing. i could practically see the jazz hands through the floor. this singing went on for quite a while. i could tell it was a guy but wasn't sure of who it was, but man he kept on singing. i think he made it through the whole album. I found out later that this top notch performer was this chubby kid dave who lived downstairs. he thought he was quite good at singing and wondered why anyone wouldn't sing along to live as he thought they were "awesome". it seemed he didn't hear the difference between his voice and theirs. he was a weird kid. the husband met him and I'm sure he would back me up on this.

in other news i'll be in florida for the rest of the week. i will try to post but no promises unless I get a really sweet pic of me and the mouse....


hows yr edge said...

One Dave fun fact: Dave liked to pan fry steaks. Every night. I love Dave.

renee said...

i also had theatre geeks on my dorm floor. it was not an easy time.

i forgot about beavis and butthead until jason called me cornholio when i had my hoodie on with the hood up.

have fun in florida! i hope you have good tunes for the flight!