Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the great tercel

so when I was in college, my dad bought me a car. we called it pinky. it was a pink (duh) lebaron which served me well on my travels from haverhill to worcester to visit my sweety on the weekends. and pinky was great until she cracked her engine block while i was driving home one afternoon. and well, when you only spend $175 on a car in the first place, one doesn't go around rebuilding the engine.

anyhoo- when pinky left me high and dry i was forced to spend my last $500 on a vehicle that could successfully get me from school to work and over to murph's apartment. so dad and i found a tercel that this lady in town was selling for $600. i think it was a 1987 and it was gray. this was fitting because we ended up calling this car....yup you guessed it....old smoky. why you ask? because on more than one occasion while i was waiting for the engine to warm up on the streets of good old worm town, a passerby tapped on my window looking concerned to tell me that my car was on fire. and on more than one occasion i had to reassure them that no- old smoky was not on fire it just burned oil....lots of it. (so now my secret is out that i did in fact have a big hand in pollution in the year 2000). actualy one time this older lady was very upset and i think she was ready to call the firehouse or pull me out of the car. i'm not sure which.

so I had a 1987 tercel and I had a friend who had a 1981 tercel (that thing was awesome). so i appointed myself the know-it-all of years the tercel was made and i flexed my muscle by pointing out old shitty tercels while in the car with murph and telling him what year they were made. as we would pass by i would see one, point and shout "1983!" or "1985!". don't be fooled, i had no idea what year any of them were made. i just did it to amuse murph while we were in the car, but don't tell him that.

the last straw came when old smoky started smoking on the interior as well. thats where i drew the line and dad bought blacky from a neighbor. the tercel and i had a good 6 months or so, though.

what sparked this post? i was behind and old tercel today on the way home. at first i wasn't thinking about it but as the traffic started to clear and i was to drive through the rotary near our house, i got the sudden urge to shout...."1989!"

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