Thursday, November 15, 2007


ok so i might have a problem. but i doubt it. i can stop any time i want....i swear.

basically these are my favorite candy. i love eating them. i mean i've never been able to understand that commercial where you could hear the sound they make but whatever. thing is that lately i have been buying them too many days a week during lunch time. this should really stop. there is no need to consume this much sugar. so yesterday i decided that this was it. no more peppermint patty buying at lunch. i would go cold turkey and give them up until after christmas.

and wouldn't you know.... today i went out for lunch and when i returned someone had placed a peppermint patty on my desk! a secret gift if you will! i figured it would be bad luck no to eat it so i um starting mor peppermint pattys until after christmas.


hows yr edge said...

You should give up peppermint patty's, buy a blender and convince your husband to make more candy cane oreo cookie shakes! ;)

renee said...

i used to love the feeling of a york! today i caught my dieting co-worker eating a sugary treat from the vending machine. he looked so freaking happy and said it was worth every empty calorie.

what if you ate one tiny peppermint patty a day? maybe you would get sick of them and would be done.

i'm now craving one!

Melissa said...

its ok i just need a break. i'm sure there will be plenty of empty & delicious calories to enjoy in the upcoming month.