Wednesday, November 28, 2007

an hour

why is it that sometimes you can cram so much in a hour while other times you can waste an hour away in the blink of an eye? today during lunch i ran two errand and picked up a couple items at whole foods. i made it back to the office in 60 minutes. i was amazed when i got back to my desk and i was right on time. it seemed so odd that i could have accomplished that much. some days it takes me an hour to do nothing but go down the street, buy a sandwich and eat it. it takes about 2 hours to watch a movie. and then you could think about all the time spent watching tv or sitting in traffic- eeek!

of course its all about how present i am in the moment. i was thinking about this too on the way home. when sitting in traffic the time drags- because i desperately want out of the moment. but my yoga class is only an hour and every week it flies by, but i feel each of those moments as i am paying attention to them. and today while running my errands i was in the moment. now that i am thinking about it- i was on a mission to get a few things accomplished. i wasn't thinking about work or christmas or chores. i wasn't worrying about stupid stuff or trying to accomplish more than i could manage. i was just getting stuff done.

(there have been few pictures because i lost the camera batter charger and i am afraid that i will run out of battery and miss something awesome. so put that on my list to accomplish ... get new battery charger)


hows yr edge said...

I wish sandwich eating was an hour long activity.

Melissa said...

it could be, but it would probably have to be a REALY BIG sandwich.