Monday, November 26, 2007

that movie in my head

right- so i was thinking again about the movie in my head that i never really get anywhere with. it would really help my daydreaming if i had a destination in my mind for these road-trippers in my movie.

i've had ideas but i can't decide.... should they be on a vacation? spiritual journey? important job interview? see long lost relatives? run away from home? destined to visit all NYC television landmarks? attend the funeral of their estranged father? on their way to meet the president?

and i realize that at this point your thinking that shouldn't my reoccurring daydream have some sort of focus? shouldn't you at least have what resembles a plot? how do you dream without any sort of focus? thats just it- dreams like this don't necessarily need a focus. this is not a dream that i want to become a goal- this is not a pick your passion sort of dream that will one day lead me to my destiny as a screenwriter.

this is just a way to pass the time while i sit in traffic.

of course i should just chose a destination and take it from there. i can always change it later and you never know when i might be summoned to start writing in hollywood, right?

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