Thursday, December 13, 2007

december storm

you may be noticing all the fluffy white stuff out there. big storm today. which meant that the drive home was super slow and super long. the news had been reporting snow since Monday, and somehow they can predict snow with great accuracy, but we always have to wait until there is already 3 inches of snow on the ground before the big boss closes the office. as always every other big boss in the technology park does the same thing which sends the 2,000 people that work there heading toward the TWO exit streets at the same time. remind me not to go to work should a real emergency be looming because it took about 30 mins to travel the 1 1/2 miles down the street to the exit. it took another hour or so for me to get home after that. so had there been an outbreak of bird flu or an alien invasion i never would have made it. oh well. it was fine. i know it happens every time.

i know i mentioned angry dad the other day but i haven't seen him recently waiting at the end of my street. so i will have to wait until he appears again to block my view.

now i am off to suit up so that i can shovel again. wish i had a plow.

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hows yr edge said...

What's up with Angry Dad? Is he hiding out? Maybe holed up waiting for the snow to melt?