Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i need you back

this photo depicts the response by briggs and tucker when asked about the writers' strike.

i too have had enough. writers, i need you back as do millions of other americans. i need my daily fix of awesomely bad dramas, quirky comedies and other such nonsense. i don't do american idol or survivor or lost. i do gilmore girls, grey's anatomy and 30 rock. i need you back. you see, i am sick of the food network. (crap did i say that out loud? except iron chef- you should make more iron chef) i am sick of watching reruns of friends. (crap did i just say that too? i love friends but seriously its the same shit since 1996 everyday) and i am sick of not having a reliable way to turn my brain to mush every night at 9pm. reliability is key here. every night i want to stop reading and thinking and playing sudoku and just watch tv in peace with my dogs.

oh snap. i have to go. one tree hill is on.
hope you voted.

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You're in luck.