Wednesday, February 06, 2008

10 things i like and 10 things i don't

i like.....

1. clean floors
2. 40 degrees in January
3. searching for vacation deals
4. voting
5. this dog:

6. and this dog:

7. watching the ninja dog eat a corn chip out of the dirt pile that i just swept up in the kitchen.
8. the smell of peppermint oil
9. the little red rice cooker - how awesome is that thing?
10. this post about reusable shopping bags

i'm not so into......

  1. getting peppermint oil in my eye
  2. washing the damn floor
  3. mice in the house
  4. not being able to purchase the vacation deal(s) i've found
  5. when my big dog puts up a street protest and makes me look like fool in front of the neighbors
  6. anything that can be sprayed that is called "french bouquet"
  7. the smell of CLR - yuck! gag! ew!
  8. when the only cookies left at work are "apple-cinnamon"
  9. spreadsheets
  10. people who way over use lysol spray

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holla at your boy said...

I am so glad this blog is in my life.