Thursday, February 07, 2008

the story of six

i received an email this morning that reminded me of this site. animal lovers will want to check out this website:
carole is a friend of my aunt ann. she helped to save this family of horses from the slaughter house and she has been keeping their progress updated on this site. every so often ann gets an email from her with a little info on the what started one email helped save 6 relatively healthy horses from going to slaughter. you can read the "story of the 6" on their page and please pass this on to anyone that may find this of interest. it is not only a heart-warming is a true story!
two of the six will be living as residents of graceland. priscilla presley made a generous offer to house two of the six. max, a young male, was transported TN in January. i heard a rumor that he was getting ready to film a spot with her for dancing with the stars- no seriously- you read that right! his brother merlin is to follow him to TN in the spring.

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