Saturday, February 09, 2008

scene from the other night

it 10:15pm.

from the bathroom i yell with my mouth full of toothpaste, "oh no!".

the husband responds, "what?".
which sounds to my trained ear like, "i'm already in bed, what could you possible need?".

i spit out my toothpaste and yell back, "my alarm clock is under the bed".

the husband responds, "ok, why?".
which i know means "what the fuck? my wife is insane. of course that's where her alarm clock is".

i am silent, finish washing my face and come into our bedroom to find the husband with his head and arms under the bed.

he picks himself up, hands me the clock and the batteries and says, "it's very dusty under there".

i say, "thank you. i know".

as i write this he is sweeping the dust bunnies out from under there. he showed them to me a minute ago, but i thought it would be gross to post a picture. you can probably go look under your own bed for the visual.

point is, the husband rules.


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