Monday, February 11, 2008


so last night i had this dream that i won $100K on a scratch ticket. how i wish that was true. the husband recently bought me a few. i was on a good streak. i had hit it big at 6 bucks but blew all my profits on bubble gum and candy cigarettes. in my dream, it was awesome. i was sitting at a desk checking off all of the things i was going to pay off with my winnings. oh man-reading that back i realize how boring that sounds. i even want to pay off my debts in my dreams.

what i would really do is go on vacation. i would take a 3-week jaunt before any bills got paid. i wonder what greece is like this time of year? ok- maybe while i was gone i would spring for some hotel internet and pay off my credit card for an extra thrill. oh responsibility.

(yes, those are chips...long car rides require snacks)

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