Tuesday, February 12, 2008

tonight we bake - tomorrow we frost

so i am told that valentine's day was created as an excuse for people to buy greeting cards, but now i'm pretty sure that the valentine's day has been taken over by the chocolate industry. is there any other holiday so devoted to chocolate? i mean halloween is devoted to candy in general, and for the most part crap candy that comes in bite-sized pieces. but valentine's day seems to be a THE day for chocolate lovers. so in honor of that feeling i am baking some cupcakes for a dessert pot-luck at work. here's how it went....

i prepared by practicing some poses for my myspace page. ok not really- but sort of. my aim was to show you my awesome apron made by my sister.

the dry ingredients were assembled.

i try to always make vegan baked goods as it lets me practice substituting things like banana for eggs.

combine wet and dry in a large bowl thus creating a chocolate masterpiece that you consider swiping and pretending that it was actually meant to be eaten as chocolate soup.

this is my assistant, tuckertino. he keeps the floors clean.

almost final product. and these stand alone foil wrappers seems to do an excellent job.

did i mention that tomorrow involves frosting.....chocolate frosting.

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