Thursday, March 27, 2008

last we visited...

so last week i was ignoring my blog responsibilities in favor of continual playing of the very addictive and terrible "win the entire top 20". which i've already talked about here. i figured there would be plenty off opportunity for blogging this week, when i pulled my head out the sand and decided to give up bad internet video games for lent.

i was ready to start a week of daily posting when on sunday morning the unthinkable occurred...the computer shut off...for good. yes, the husband and i learned that tragedy can strike anyone anywhere and that we too could be subject to a bad hard drive. the shock, i know!

fortunately, our sick computer had been regularly backed up by the computer nerd genius i call "the husband" so very little was lost. actually he managed to recover what was lost with a nifty device from work.

so now we are back up and running. we are once again fully connected to the internet and not through the husband's work computer. (where he keeps telling i can't do things like download porn or illegal torrents or look at my favorite website of all time). i am so glad our brush with techno-tragedy was brief and almost uneventful and even forced me to go to the library to take out some books for lack of things to read, watch or otherwise keep my self occupied with.

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