Friday, March 28, 2008

little know fact about the insurance industry

"insurance fridays" - on a friday, especially in the months spanning may-september, at least 50% of insurance professionals will decide at some point in the day to leave work and not return until monday. whether their calling be golf outings, beach-combing or just simply getting on 495 2 hours before everyone else, it is a wonderful thing. this phenomenon makes my office quiet after noon and my phone quiet after 1pm and sometimes i even get to participate. even i get to throw my hat in early and drive out of my nearly empty office parking lot once in a while.

now that it is spring time, i am looking forward to the increased vigor and participation in insurance fridays at work.


hows yr edge said...

I believe we have something similar in the software industry, except it's the exact opposite. It must have something to do with prolonged periods of sunshine in the outdoor environment. I think it negatively affects engineers pasty white skin.

Carolyn said...

Good words.