Monday, March 31, 2008

a story involving a kid i do not know

on my way to work on friday morning i spotted a kid, about 10 years old, waiting for the bus. he was wearing a hugely over sized red hoodie and a big black back-pack that was stuffed to the gills. it had to have weighed almost as much as he did.

as i rolled to a stop at the end of the road, i noticed that the kid had started to twist his body back and forth like he was thinking of spinning in circles but was too lazy to get himself all the way around. instead he was just letting his red sweatshirt arms twist around his body as he moved rhythmically back and forth. i'm guessing that with the weight of the back-pack he felt some momentum build pretty quickly as he swayed back and forth. it didn't take long before he started to twirl around in circles as fast as he could, which was funny enough. he was a blur of red and black.

of course, one foul step in the long wet grass he was standing in sent him toppling over. unfortunately his road-side bus stop is on top of a pretty steep embankment. he fell right down the hill, lead-weighted backpack first and landed completely upside down and flat on his back with his legs flailing. and for a split second i did stop and look to see if he was alright-so don't worry i'm not to hell for this specifically. he was fine. i could see that he was trying to get up but the weight of his back-pack and his heels over head stance made it almost impossible. he resembled a turtle who had been flipped over on this shell. and this is when i laughed out loud at this poor kid who i'm sure was racing to get himself upright before the bus approached his stop.

(i know you're jealous of my "paint" abilities)


Anonymous said...

I need to hire you for some cspace diagrams!

Melissa said...

ah-ha! i knew posting the ridiculous on the internet would pay off eventually.