Tuesday, April 01, 2008

a 2nd story about another kid i don't know

the dogs and i always head behind the elementary school next to our house before we venture out into the neighborhood on our walks. we were just rounding the corner near the basketball courts and i could hear kids playing. this is common as our neighborhood is busting at the seems with kids of all ages and this school has play ground, sports fields, walking trails and of course the basketball court.

we rounded the corner of the building i heard "hey there's a lady coming!". at first i was startled because this kid called me a lady, but the yelling continued "she's walking this way with her dogs!" "you better hurry up!" in a frantic tone which meant only one thing... someone was doing something bad. over the winter there had been some graffiti painters so paint or chalk was sort of what i was expecting to see.

finally, we got around the corner where the whole basketball court comes in to view. the scene is set and i am instantly aware of what was going on. there are two kids. one boy was holding a basketball (the frantic yeller) and another boy was standing with his back to me. there was an odd wet spot on the wall of the school, and then the kids yells "oh man it looks like i peed myself!".

it was all i could do not to break down right there and laugh out loud, but i figured it was better played cool so that i didn't have to confront the two little boys who were just peeing in public on their own elementary school. talk about school spirit.

sorry no diagram for this one.

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