Tuesday, April 29, 2008

an ah-ha moment

when you open the container of restaurant style hummus to put some on a sandwich, you don't have to eat the whole container. you can just eat some of it and save the rest for tomorrow. (as long as you hide it in the bottom drawer of the office fridge)


hows yr edge said...

I went home Monday night, ready to battle rains and wind for a dog walk. Before I journeyed outside, I was looking forward to some chips and hummus. Sadly, all the hummus was hiding 10 miles away in a different refrigerator. That was an "ah diss" moment.

Instead, I enjoyed a bowl of cereal.

Melissa said...

thats it! from now on i am buying 2 containers of hummus. one i will write "property of the husband" on and i will never touch it. the other i will take and eat for lunch at my leisure.

um i guess i will start said hummus segrgation when the husband's jaw works again and hummus & chips can be eten freely.

sorry babe

Melissa said...

and yes i know that i should learn to type and spell.

hows yr edge said...

Can we segregate the refrigerator with a piece of masking tape right down the middle? One side "acceptable to take for lunch," the other side "unacceptable to take for lunch."