Monday, April 28, 2008

in the kitchen with MAC

this weekend i was feeling quite productive in the kitchen.

saturday night i was invited to a girls night in - and by girls night in i mean adult novelty party. i knew that the hostess would be pouring cocktails at 6 so that we would be able to peruse the wide array of lotions and creams, software and hardware that the athena company had to offer at 7. i was taxed with the question though... what to bring for an appetizer to a party where the highlight of the evening will be something life-like and large that can suction to a window which was followed up by something larger that not only spun but also had lights? baking a giant penis shaped cake did cross my mind, but i don't have a pan for that and i am no geoff from charm city cakes (even though i wish we were bffs). so instead i broke out the sushi rice and made up some california rolls. light, refreshing, perfect for spring and perfect with a cocktail, oh and my secret...they are also impressive. they are really only impressive because no one believes that they are pretty simple to make as long as you have a bowl of water and a roll of paper towels.

sunday i hit up my favorite market and the traders after i glanced through how to cook everything vegetarian, which is a favorite of mine. i was inspired to make a balsamic syrup to drizzle over my veggies this week. what a good idea. the trader has decent enough balsamic at $1.99 a bottle. all you have to do is simmer a cup of it on medium for 30 mins or so and you are left with a sweet and tangy balsamic reduction perfect for steamed broccoli, pasta sauce or a nice spinach salad.

the draw back... your kitchen will smell like vinegar so turn on your fan and open the window.


hows yr edge said...

Another drawback: the stink face the husband can't shake off. Balsamic = ick.

Melissa said...

husband should resign himself to he fact that balsamic is good and you should know that if you make stink face too long your will get stuck like that. and then people will say "no he just looks like that".