Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i feel accomplished

i feel as though i have joined a special club. i am now officially a gal with a blog who has also revitalized a small wooden chair with spray paint and fabric. yes, me. i have been able to join the ranks of many other female bloggers who have done the same. of course they have had supremely fabulous finished products of which i have looked at their pictures and felt quite jealous. why jealousy? i bought these 2 chairs 3 years ago at a yard sale. they were weathered, worn, ugly and the seat was covered with a plastic-y fabric made for outside.

i started to redo one of them back in november...yup 5 months ago....and the other one has been in my living room. yes i have been using an ugly old worn chair with ugly old fabric in my living room as a desk chair...everyday. i could tell you that it was supposed to be some ironic twist about recycling or something but it wasn't. it was being used out of necessity and it bothered me every time i looked at it.

so this weekend, in keeping with my recent flip out about nothing being finished, i finally put hand to paint can, bought myself a staple gun and finished that sucker. it came out to my liking and was as easy as all those other bloggers said it would be.

and now i just have to figure out how (or remember i guess) how to take a better photograph. i swear i used to be good at it and now i actually hesitate to post these because of their quality.


Anonymous said...
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hows yr edge said...

We're going to need a bigger light box!