Monday, June 02, 2008


i saw a man driving a riding lawn mower down the wrong side of a major road way. at the light, he turned the corner and went left up a busy side street.

this kid that i work with commented to my boss that i was very "hollywood". perhaps he has never met me or he is just easily fooled by people who wear big dark sunglasses.

i drove the husband's car to work in sandals. this resulted in me stalling only once at a big intersection when said sandal slipped off the clutch. embarrassment was heightened by the fact that i had a coworker in the car with me. the sudden stall at the moment the light turned green produced two high-pitched screams from both of us. the shame.

i announced to the husband that i was going to head upstairs and do some yoga. he responded by saying "i am going to eat some ice cream and take my pants off". i believe i laughed for about 5 minutes. he is just adorable- or i am way easy.


hows yr edge said...

"take my pants off" was easier for me to pronounce (and for you to understand) than "loosen my belt when I get disgustingly fat."

Melissa said...

and it was funnier.