Saturday, June 07, 2008

things are happening

with any luck by the end of the day this:

will be transformed into a finished product thereby making the kitchen actually look finished!!

my happiness about this transcends the fact that i am paying for someone to do this for us. in fact, maybe, my happiness concerning this is actually increased because someone else is doing the work. all the productivity and career bloggers talk about out-sourcing, so why not give it a try? i mean here i am writing a blog post while my kitchen is fixed. oh, i guess i failed to mention that the contractor is also painting the dreaded stairwell and that ugly back room.

so this has become a little clearer now. my happiness is increased by the fact that 3 projects are being worked on at once. three projects that the husband and i have procrastinated doing for TWO YEARS!

oh and another small triumph will be to remember how happy this makes me tomorrow- when i am melting in the 90 degree heat forecasted for the next few days.

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