Sunday, June 08, 2008

he's back!

i know i have mentioned how awesome the husband is. and if you happen to have missed those posts, i'll tell you again. he rules. the evidence is clear...that time he pulled my alarm clock out from under the bed....when he did so great during his jaw surgery...and the fact that he will still see earth crisis should they happen to come to worcester.

but friday night really took the cake. we were clearing the final boxes and what-not from the back room to make way for the painters and the husband pulled a long lost friend from a cardboard box.

FLINT! he found flint!

flint went missing when we sold the red gti and bought the subaru last summer. i recall carefully removing him from his home on the dash and placing him into the box i was using to clear out the car. when i went to find him a week later he was no where to be found. at first i thought i just didn't look hard enough. then i thought i had the wrong box. then i figured i was a jack-ass and probably threw him away. now i know that he must have been stuck in the box all along. he is totally going into the dash of the subaru tomorrow.

thanks for reuniting me with an old friend.

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hows yr edge said...

"Son of Fifi? Oh word."