Thursday, July 24, 2008

comment in sandwich shop

the scene- sam, ann, and myself are in a sandwich shop at lunch time.

ann to the counter lady: ok i'll order....oh um.....i don't know what i want.

commotion ensues as we have trouble deciding who should order first and what to get. this an amateur move on our parts. we know better than to dally in line when there are hungry office workers in line.
eyes roll. i finally step up.

me: veggie sandwich with everything, please.
ann: oh don't pay i have a $100 bill to break.
me (bewildered): where does one get such things?

i move down the line and pay for my own lunch with $1's (that's no zeros) and the nice man who owns sandwich shop gives me a deal on my lunch. yay!

several minutes later we are eating at an outside table. an unknown man walks out of the sandwich shop, looks at us and...

unknown man:
"is this hollywood? where are the paparazzi?"

we giggle and claim that we chased them away. he walks off and we begin to discuss what prompted such a comment. the $100 bill statement? our stunning beauty? we conclude that it was probably sam's shoes.

1 comment:

Samantha said...

It was certainly our stunning beauty!!