Wednesday, July 23, 2008

best aim ever

today i received the best aim message ever. seriously. the best ever. i mean i've only been on aim for like a month (which i realize puts me way behind the times anyway) but this news was big. it brought a tear to my eye. it put a huge teethy smile on my face. i assume it lit up my cubicle and that angelic music played around my halo of happiness throughout the office.

what was this most spectacular message?

wait for it....

liz phair. in boston. in august. preforming exile in guyville. and a ticket with my name on it - well two tickets really. the husband has proved to all just how awesome he is yet again.

you may recall this recent post about liz phair, and how much i really wished that she would come to boston. i believe i put it out there and i believe that i got just what i wanted.

excited doesn't cover it. august 29th is more than a month away but i am happy to have something to look forward to. hurray!

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