Tuesday, July 22, 2008

great diy project for someone

how cool would it be to have one of these: NES USB controllers?

think of all the tetris i could play on my new laptop. think of all the dr. mario! i would never worry about sleepless nights again knowing that i had the power to play old school nintendo games when ever i wanted. oh the power. oh the joy. oh the total waste of productivity!

of course i can see that this would totally get out of hand very quickly. i would most certainly lose focus on the start up i am working on. i would totally drive the husband crazy and skinny by never fixing another dinner in my life ever. i would stop being able to walk the dogs or clean the house or even plan fun things to do on the weekend. i might even have a problem at my day job - seeing how i would always be playing NES games instead of pushing insurance papers around my desktop.

i was going to ask that someone with skills step up and get their diy on for me but it's not a good idea. not at all. i can't risk it all for something even as cool as this.

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hows yr edge said...

Drive me crazy and skinny? Like I'm sane and fat now? ... I see how it is. ;)