Tuesday, July 29, 2008

quality hours

"please sir, can i have some more?"
"more?!?! he wants more?"

lately, i have been having this conversation in my head over and over again, but i'm not asking for more gruel - i'm asking for more hours. more hours for research. more hours for exercise. more hours for the husband. more hours for working on the house, for having fun, for cooking dinner, for playing with the dogs. maybe i'm just so psyched on life that i don't want it slow down for a second or maybe i'm just being ineffective with my time.

up until now i have been asking for more hours but not really changing anything else. i know that unless i make some changes its both foolish and unrealistic to ask for more. much like oliver, what i am seeking isn't going to be given to me AND it's not really what i want anyway. ok- well i'm sure oliver was hungry and wanted more dinner but i'm guessing he wasn't really after more gruel.

what i'm realizing is that i don't really want more hours, i just want more quality hours. the problem starts all over again when i realize that it falls to me to figure out how to get more quality in.

my first step in sorting this out was to actually add one more thing to my schedule...going to the gym. i figured that exercising should be a priority and its something that can be scheduled, so i joined a gym. i have never really even been to the gym before last week so this is new to me, but its good times.

step two- i made an appointment for some acupuncture. why is this important? i'm not sure yet.

step three- oh, i haven't gotten this far yet. i suppose i should make a list of my priorities, decide what is important, schedule things in and then see how that works. something about this part of my plan is too vauge. am i missing something here or just procrastinating? how do you get more quality in your hours? any thoughts- i'd be glad to hear them.

and on an unrelated note....did you know that you can get soda flavored marinade? weird.

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