Saturday, August 30, 2008

liz phair plays for me (and to the rest of the sold out crowd)

i have been a blog slacker this week. sorry. i have been alternately busy watching the DNC and working on the side project that i should really get around to talking about here on drive daily.

last night was the big event i had been waiting for. you may recall the time i wrote about the best aim ever. last night was it- liz phair performed exile in guyville in it's entirety and it totally lived up to the hype in my mind. this was probably the best show i have seen her play. it was my kind of event though- small and full of old music. i would probably be equally happy if weezer would come and play a small venue and just play everything on the blue albumn. (rivers cuomo- are you listening? please come to boston and play the blue albumn at the paradise in 2009. i know you probably don't want to because it doesn't let you explore "new sounds" but that albumn rules and certainly deserves it's own concert tour on it's 15th year anniversary too. thanks!)

oh- back to liz phair. the show was sold out, which meant that we eventually had to move off to the side/back of the stage area because the floor was too crowded with weirdos sporting goatees who felt it necessary to encroach upon the husband's personal space. but this was all ok because liz phair has a really nice ass. so there you go - no harm done. we also got to witness the creepy dudes in the front row steal all the set lists and then try to make off with some guitar picks. however, the 80's metal enthusiast security a-hole made them give back the picks. to explain, there were probably 8 creepy middle aged dudes up in the front singing along with every word. they also had cameras and took an obscene amount of extreme close up shots. their liz enthusiasm made me a tad uncomfortable as there was something about 40-something men belting out the same lyrics that really spoke to me as a 15 year old girl that made my stomach sort of turn in an unfortunate way. that aside, our night was great. fantastic early b-day celebration.

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