Tuesday, August 12, 2008


writing that story about the dude soap make think of a funny story involving the husband back before he was, "the husband" and his name was just murph.

a long time ago when we were in college and poor (as opposed to now when we have real jobs and are still poor) the husband would buy some items in bulk. in particular, shampoo. at one point he bought this HUGE bottle of Aussie brand shampoo. it was family sized and had a pump on the bottle and totally ridiculous for a single dude to purchase. oh, and it smelled like lollipops. sugary. purple. lollipops.

at first sniff it was okay but within moments your feelings on the matter would begin to change as your teeth began to ache from thinking they were being coated with some kind of super purple flavored taffy. occasionally, when i would stay at his apartment i would be forced to use the lollipop shampoo and then i would be reminded of it all day as back then i had super long hair.

months went by. the lollipop shampoo was still in his bathroom. i began to realize that the lollipop shampoo would be around forever since the bottle was so giant and murph had been rocking a tight fade for pretty much ever. you just don't use that much shampoo when your hair is only a 1/4 inch long.

that's when i took matters into my own hands. i started to squirt the shampoo down the drain when i took a shower for no other reason than to get to he end of the bottle sooner. yup. he was determined not to buy new shampoo until that bottle was gone and i was determined to waste as much of it as possible.

to this day we still have a strong no lollipop shampoo policy. instead we use this lovely clear and scentless shampoo from trader joes. and if you notice...it's cheap, too.


hows yr edge said...

True story.

You have to admit that shampoo worked like a champ, though. It may have been odd smelling (the purple kangaroo mascot should have tipped me off), but it worked smashingly.

Melissa said...

yes love- you have always had a clean scalpe. no one can fault you for that.