Wednesday, September 10, 2008

masked robber

I am in the small town of Woodstock, VT this week attending and staffing an insurance class. Read: my life is as thrilling as watching paint dry. Come to think of it, there have been painted walls that are significantly more interesting than some of these classes...I digress.

After returning from dinner with some colleagues my cohort and I decided to walk around the corner from the hotel to the ATM so that we would be flush with cash in order to do things like tip bell boys and buy secret martinis at lunch...ok not really. It's just good to have cash in these circumstances.

The ATM door was not the "buzz in" kind. The door to the historic building was just unlocked. Fine. Weird for 2008 but fine. Ann was standing at the machine agreeing to pay $1.75 to access her own money and I was waiting patiently to do the same, when I noticed we had a visitor outside the glass door. I was quite quick on the uptake and since I am good in any emergency I started mumbling "oh no- not good- oh no- not good" (just like they taught me in the Girl Scouts).

Ann, who had been focused on the ATM, thought we were in grave danger and were about to be robbed by the only criminal in Woodstock, VT. She turned around to see our criminal. He was about 12 inches high and black and white and covered in hair. Right, it was baby skunk. Oddly, she disagreed with my assessment of impending doom and rolled her eyes as she stuffed her heart back into her chest. I wasn't so sure and argued that we were certainly in serious danger. Having a skunk at the ATM door is more dangerous than centipedes for me. Not quite as bad as having a spider in my bed but still terrible and unwanted.

The stupidest part is that I love wildlife, just not the ones that have more than 4 legs or ones that leave behind the worst smell on the planet. Fortunately, I escaped unharmed (and unstinky) and was given a laugh after eating dinner with a table full of Republicans.


hows yr edge said...

I wonder how many knives Christophers can hold?

Melissa said...

a freaking ton! you have touched upon the big problem here.