Monday, September 29, 2008

pick me up- a sweet salty morning

I was lacking motivation this morning. WAY LACKING! I was blaming it on two things. 1. the lack of sleep last night and 2. that trickster of a dog Briggs totally had his paw on the scale when I weighed myself this morning. What the heck? I've been going to damn gym and everything. (invokes mantra...its just a number...its just a number).

Sitting at my desk at about 9:30 I was feeling down and out. I was down even for a Monday. I turned to the folder in my google reader appropriately named "good reads". This post from SweetSalty made me LOL- which was very much appreciated on a blah morning such as this.

Post highlights included this line"How do vegetarian strippers get through life without going batshit crazy?" and a commenter who used the term "Birkenstockist".

It gets better though. How? Well, because SweetSalty made my morning and then sweet & salty made my afternoon.

I picked up a little packet of these caramels yesterday and holy crap these are good. Wow! I have not been so impressed with a piece of caramel ever in my whole life. Not that I am some kind of caramel expert, but these are delicious, sweet, soft, with a touch of salt, basically wonderful and made in Montana. Montana? Yes. You can live off the grid, ride a horse, and apparently eat amazing caramel.


sweetsalty kate said...

Well now, it's settled.. I must find myself some of those candies! I'm glad to have earned a smile or two, even if I'm guilty of birkenstockitude.

Melissa said...

Kate, I totally endorse the candies. Also I have to admit that I am personally guilty of crocitude, much to my husband's dismay.

Whatever, he's vegan so I obviously have a lot to shoot back at him. hehe!