Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Had Some Fun at BlogHer Boston '08

So I finally did it. I went to a BlogHer event this weekend. Such a great experience to see, learn, and meet a bunch of talented funny wonderful people. I was there representing The Collection Space but I definitely wanted to mention my experience here. There is something empowering about surrounding yourself with the right people. That's where I was on Saturday...surrounded by the following:

Dorene -blogs about her adventures of being a mom
Renee - blogs about her life as an almostfoodie
oh2122 -blogs about daily mom stuff and her wicked cool jewelry
Kerri - blogs about living well with diabetes
Lorena - blogs about fashion, beauty and fitness
Alissa - blogs about dating, relationships and sex
Marie - blogs about books, books, and more books
Maris - blogs about her everyday adventures in the kitchen and beyond

and I know I met more super cool ladies....I know it. Thanks all for a very lovely day. I was really excited to meet you all and was selfishly excited to have people to hand my new business cards out to! Thanks to everyone who graciously took one!

More to come this week....

1 comment:

renée said...

thanks for being a great sidekick that day. i am still riding high. or something like that. blogher 2009 here we come!

your cards totally rule, as does the logo and the site. mad props to yous!