Monday, March 02, 2009

an act of salsa

Yesterday, despite the impending weather, I convinced the Husband to go to the grocery store with me. I used to really enjoy food shopping, but recently this task has become a bit of drudgery. I'm not sure if it's because all the prices went up significantly in the last 6 months, or just because I am just sick of it, but somehow going with someone else to grocery store with my Starbucks beverage in hand makes the whole thing seem less annoying.

The double doors swung open to a display, complete with a home made sign, that read "Make Some Mango Salsa". The display rack was loaded up with mango, pineapple, limes, tomatoes, onions and most importantly a very simply typed and printed recipe.

I liked the idea that the produce department obviously needed a way to sell of mangos in March and put together a really simple display that might inspire someone to make something they usually buy in a jar. I have to admit, I usually buy my salsa in a jar. Why? Laziness. Of course I know better but I keep picking up those jars of Newman's Own when they are 2 for $5.

Anyway, as the husband read the sign out loud, I picked out a mango and some onions, limes and decided that canned tomatoes were the way to go. And so when I got home I made a really simple and delicious mango salsa that was perfect on our burritos last night. I'm not going to post a recipe. Salsa isn't a recipe thing, anymore than red sauce is. You have to feel (or taste) your way through it in my opinion.

I liked the stores suggestion, the simplicity of the display, and the fact that I have now taken a fresh salsa vow. Sorry Newman estate, I'll only be using you in a pinch from now on.

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