Tuesday, March 03, 2009

You can't fake a good varnish job

I would most certainly without a doubt have the hardwood floors refinished.
When we saw this house before buying, it was fully furnished. We could see that there were nice blond hardwoods in all the rooms. This was a major score for us first time home buyers. We were also told (by the owner's boyfriend) that he had spent major time refinishing the floors himself, room by room.

On the morning of our closing we did our walk through. The sun was shining through all the really great windows and I noticed something on the floors. Now that all the furniture was out, you could see the varnish job in each room. Well, you could more clearly see where the vanish hadn't been applied. The guy had actually applied the varnish around the area rugs in each room. He was so lazy that he didn't even roll up the rug to complete the project. Each room has a big unvarnished circle or rectangle in it.

Oh and I realize that this is a ridiculous answer. In prior years I may have answered something like "I'd change this crazy-ass roommate" or "I'd move out of worm town" or "I'd move out of the apartment that has mold growing all over it" or "I'd get some furniture" or "I'd find someplace better to sleep than my parent's couch". But life is good right now and my greatest concern about my living space are the old beat up hardwoods. Sweet.

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