Wednesday, March 04, 2009

working all night

So yesterday I came home from work, walked the dogs, went to my acupuncture appointment and when I got home I felt a surge of energy. Perhaps it was the nap-time I get on the acupuncturist table, but I felt like going through my feed reader and catching up. I have been a bit lax since returning from vacation land.

So I then spent the next 2 hours reading blogs and articles and watching several videos at and then I decided I should check out the new tv show venture he's started, Obsessed. So of course I watched the show where Sam interviews Lisa Stone of BlogHer. And I find this all wicked interesting when she's talking about new media and journalism and being an entropeanuer and damn it, I liked her when she spoke at the BlogHer Boston event back in October. So I was all fired up and thinking of all the cool things I could do or should do with my life when I noticed it was 10pm...and the Husband and I went to bed.

Why did we go to bed? Because it was bed time. Because we get up early (him earlier than me usually) to do the stuff that is required of us to pay the mortgage and buy the dog food and be responsible ect ect.

I won't lie, I had a hard time falling asleep, but unlike last week, I was actually able to get to dream land. Of course in dream land my subconscious was still playing Gary Vaynerchuck videos. I kept dreaming of business meetings and these little pearls of wizdom and these awesomely huge ideas and then I would wake up, realize my arm (or some important other apppendage) was asleep and roll over, heart pounding, groggy and disgruntled. I must have woken up 5 times.

The problem is this: it seems I worked all night and I have shit to show for it. I can't remember a single one of theses great ideas or pearls of wizdom dropped on me by the dream Gary.

So tonight I am going to watch a and episode of Big Love and attempt to shut my brain off before trying to slumber. I kindly say to Gary V, "Dude, stay out of my dreams - I'm trying to sleep here".

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Maris said...

LOL - it is SO frustrating when you have a great thought in bed, or at the gym or wherever and then you can't write it down and lose it. Happens to me ALL the time!