Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The One Where You See My Underwear

I have been meaning to write about this for weeks but sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way of life. Then I read this post about lost underpants at StopBouncing and I realized I had to tell this story.

Before vacation I rifled through my drawers looking to pack my summery things and decided that I was in need of underwear. I mean, not that my stash of underwear was terrible, but it was time for new. You've been there- don't lie. You know when it is time to put tired elastics to rest and go for new.

Anyway I had a gift card for Victoria's Secret, where I happily purchased 10 pairs of new cotton underwear. Yup- I bought 10 pairs and used the whole gift card. But then I was at Target and started to think that I may need a few pairs that would fall under the "not cotton seamless" category. So I purchased these super sheer and stretchy underwear that would be suitable for certain kinds of outfits that require a more seamless look.

I took off all the tags to all 14 pairs of new undies and threw them in the laundry - washed, dried, the whole bit. Then came the folding of said laundry and the WILD LAUGHTER. You see, the new sheer underwear morphed into doll clothes while in the laundry. If you check out the picture below...that is a new pair of cotton Victoria's Secret (you know - normal underwear) and what became of the sheer and stretchy seamless panties I also bought.

The underwear shrunk to the point of ridiculous. I don't even think they make toddler underwear that small. I laughed so hard I cried and so did the husband. And then I threw them in the bottom of the laundry basket instead of in the trash. Why? Who knows.

I guess they ended up in my drawer during some kind of fit whereby I try to put everything away. Last week I pulled out a pair by mistake before getting into the shower. Without knowing which pair I had in my hand I put them on. And guess what- they stretch back out. They are like an amazing science experiment. I sort of feel like buying more.


Maris said...

LOL this is totally something I would do!

stephanie said...

oohhhh, it's the magic glove of underpants!!!
Think of all the storage space you'll save.

Kate Mc said...

I know these underpants of which you speak and I've bought them. I too LOL'd at how tiny they got. Sadly, they really loose their shape after just a few washes and didn't last 6 months before I threw them out.