Monday, April 06, 2009

Like He Was Auditioning for America's Funniest Home Videos

The Tino has this fleece blanket that he drags around the house with him. He is one of those funny dogs that gets cold easily so I gave him a fleece to wrap up in. Being a terrier he also likes to "fluff up" his bed before laying down. And while he does sleep on it, he also likes to take it off his bed, run into the living room, fleece trailing behind him, and wrestle the crap out of it. He grabs it in his mouth, whips the blanket from side to side and then throws it down on the floor to wrestle the life out of it. Generally, Briggs wants nothing to do with this activity so the Tino can feel free to play with the blanket for several uninterrupted minuets at a time.

Tonight as I got up off the couch and turned to walk out of the living room I saw that the Tino had thrown the blanket over his own body, including his head, in some sort of fit of Tino-sized rage. Then, sensing that I was leaving the room, he ran full speed toward me, but missed and smacked directly into the door jam.

If only I had caught it on video* we would cercertainly have won the $10k.

*photos recreated for dramatic effect

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Maris said...

Ohh I want a dog now!