Sunday, May 31, 2009

2nd Attempt - Vegan Peanut Buttter Banana Ice Cream

I swear I do not have a problem...yet.

Anyway, after browsing the internet for vegan ice cream recipes I stumbled upon a way to use the over ripe bananas that were lying in the fruit basket (and a way to utilize the new small appliance in our kitchen).

The recipe I used was found here at A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise. I decided not to heat the liquid as suggested, instead I just melted the peanut butter with the brown sugar in a small pot over medium heat and then threw that into the blender. This eliminated the need to chill the liquid for hours before churning.

And this stuff is good. It made an excellent creamy ice cream and seriously, it also made an immensely great milk shake. And yes, I did take a picture and yes, I will post it at the point where I can find the strength to take out the cord, open photoshop and resize the image, but that will have to wait until tomorrow when I have had a day at work to emerge from my sugar coma.

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