Sunday, June 14, 2009

Four Notes From the Last Month

Been experiencing difficulty making a decision. Make that SEVERE difficulty. Do I really want to go back to school? Or do I merely just want to do something else? Round and round I go with this commitment-phobic ridiculousness.

Found out that volunteering is difficult when you work full time. Why is it that volunteers are only welcome during normal working hours? Didn't President Obama tell everyone to get out there and get their service project on? Perhaps you need an ivy league degree to walk dogs or shelve books, which is why the president has no problem getting a volunteer position. I, on theother hand, only went to state school.

Figured out why we don't have more farmer's markets in central Massachusetts. I'm always reading blogs and articles about these magical places that people go on Saturdays called the Farmer's Market. Where they get to sample fruit and cheese and have nice chats with their local growers. They then buy a 100 pounds of food for approximately $.82 and come home to make a feast of organic beets and artisan bread with fresh goat cheese. I have even been to a few of these magical places while on vacation, but there are just really none to be had near our home. And I have been jealous of all those who get to have a weekly farmer's market experience. Sometimes, I just can't shake the feeling that I'm missing out on some sort of important part of the culinary experience. (Which perhaps I am- but not for this reason). I have found the answer: we have the actual FARMS. It occurred to me one day as I was driving past yet another old family farm, big white barn in the back, horses in the pasture across the street, fields of corn budding down the road, that "oh right, I live with the farms...DUH". Fortunaley I also live within 4 miles of a Target and an Old Navy as well.

My youngest brother has graduated high school. A proper way to describe this is "HOLY SHIT, that came up fast!" I must be getting older. I am 10 years older than my brother, and the fact that he has now graduated high school and attended his graduation party with his (pseudo-girlfriend and her very adorable chubby-cheeked BABY) drew attention to the fact that he is now entering adulthood and well...yikes! Really, I am just so happy that he got through the last four years and finished his program, and is still the awesome funny kid who looked at me when he was 4 and said "you know, I'm not a big boy yet, but I'm not a baby either". He still needs to find his people though. I have every confidence that he will (and probably before I do).


Maris said...

Ha, I like your commentary on Farmer's Markets. I live in NYC and let me just say the Union Square Greenmarket is, yes, a fantasyland but the prices aren't so cheap!

Samantha C said...

Melis if you can't find a place to volunteer then you and I should come up with a program for working professionals to give their limited time!