Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally! A Farmer's Market!

So, you may recall back a few weeks when I was lamenting over the fact that there are no farmer's markets out here in the 'burbs. Of course according to my post, I had figured out why. I mean I do have to admit to living within a stone's throw (read very short drive) of several working farms, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, a sheep farm, an equestrian center, a decent farm stand, and of course we often take a weekly trip to Idylwilde Farm where they stock every vegetable and fruit known to man, every cheese worth trying, Iggy's breads and well the kicker is that they make croissants, too.

Right so, why then would I need a farmer's market, too? Because of the intrigue, the hype, the fun of being able to walk around the stalls and chat with people and hear the conversations - you know the community feel of it all. I just don't get that from the surly Farm Stand Lady. (Note: DO NOT husk your corn in her store because she will yell at you loudly).

A couple of weeks ago, on our Sunday morning trip to Idylwilde we noticed a sign for the "Acton's Farmer's Market". So of course we checked it out. I was excited to see a side street closed off and about 10 stalls. Of course, we were there late in the day and they were SOLD OUT. Like not a vegetable to be seen, a few perrenials, and some bagels. The HUGEST BAGELS you've ever seen.

This week we stopped in early to find some veggies still available, lots of fresh herbs, the BAGLES, some fresh baked scones, vinegar. I am a sucker for vinegars. I LOVE vinegars. Especially fruit infused vinegars - strawberry, fig, pear - so when this woman offered me a taste of her vine-ripend raspberry vinegar I jumped. And then I bought a bottle and then I heard her say something about having herb infused vinegar next week...guess where I'll be next Sunday morning?

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