Monday, July 27, 2009


I do not want to contemplate roofing estimates. In fact, I do not want to do this task so much, that I am using the folder of roofing info (which I should actually read) as a laptop desk.

I have been wondering all summer if anyone has come up with a great device with which to carry easily bruised stone fruits with them to work. You know, without all the bruising, bashing and general horror of finding you afternoon snack, shoved in the bottom of a bag looking like the loser (or maybe the winner?) of a mixed martial arts fight. Bubble wrap perhaps?

I am really interested in knowing who keeps leaving chicken carcasses at the corner of Blaine and Carter Street. And while Tuckertino and Briggs have confessed their undying devotion to whomever keeps leaving chicken bones on the sidewalk, I feel differently, what with chicken bones not being a great supplement to their diet. Murph tried to tell me that he was the one leaving the bones in the road. He claims to buy a weekly bucket of KFC and hang out on this corner (of a residential neighborhood) and secretly eat chicken and throw the bones on the ground. And while I was suspcious of his story, what with the VEGANISM and all, I bought it until I saw how grossed out he was by the the act of prying 1/2 a chicken from Briggs mouth today. Whom ever is doing this, please stop. Please!


stephanie of stopbouncing said...

ARGH! Not the roof!!!

And have you tried like a plastic container (like a tupperware-esque) just big enough to protect/keep from rolling around?

Melissa said...

ah yes the roof! bah!

I have tried the tupperware but they must not be the right size. Maybe if I wrap the nectarine in a papertowel and then put it in a container.

that might just do it!

renée said...

i don't even bother transporting those fruits, and eat them over the sink at home instead. so delicate and delicious!

mae is still cleaning up after the big city bbq last week. there are bones everywhere!

oh that b-rob and his chicken shenanigans! why do people have to throw the bones? i will never understand. perhaps he can share some insight.

stephanie of stopbouncing said...

okay, it's for apples
Do you think it'd work for stone fruit?

set of 3:

Melissa said...

hmmm - I best it would work for a good sized peach. The banana one made me chuckle. It looks semi ridiculous.

Thanks for thinking of me!