Tuesday, September 08, 2009


People, I am DONE with bacon.

I decreed this last week on twitter, but seriously folks I am done.

Cake should never look like bacon.
Martini glasses should be made out of glass.
Vodka should be mixed with lemons.

Now I understand, bacon tastes good, it smells good, it conjures up memories of your mom frying it on Sunday mornings and all the rest. (Actually, it reminds me of camping - every camp site frying up it's own bacon and eggs and pancakes.) And yes, I know, I don't actually eat bacon anymore, but this does not preclude me from voicing what you all need to hear:

Bacon has jumped the shark!

(From @reneemca's lips to your ears, internet.)

Related: other things I am DONE with:
Alice 'n' Chains
Smokers who throw cigarette butts on the ground
People who complain about completely irrelevant nonsense...oh wait

Upon posting this the very next thing in my feed reader was a recipe for, you guessed it,
Lentils with Bacon. People, Bacon is NOT sexy!

I sighed very loudly. The Husband asked what was wrong. I told him I had been a victim of the internet. He rolled his eyes.

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