Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bad Blogger...yada yada yada

Right, so I'm terrible at updating this lately. I've had important stuff to do like watch both seasons of True Blood and have Fall Family Fun Day. The reality is that work has been crazy, I've been updating my work blog, going to the gym, cooking healthy meals, and getting ready for our convention (that finally happened last weekend! woot!).

So, essentially, same old gets in the way of life...blah blah blah...(I know you know the truth...I'm better at watching tv than I am at updating this page.)

Here's a good story for you, though. Last Monday I was gearing up for a SUPER busy week. With the convention (which included me leading sessions), the blog, my insurance work, and being in Boston for three days, I was stressed. So naturally, I came down with a cold. By Tuesday, when I drove my boss and her assistant into Boston and dropped them off at the hotel, I felt terrible.

You know how you just feel awful, tired, cloudy, spent, snifflie, and just a tad pathetic? I had that, but staying home in bed was not an option. I scheduled an acupuncture appointment, bought a quart of orange juice, and a neti pot all in an attempt to make myself feel better. However, the reality was that I could only think about ONE MAGICAL THING. In my cloudy, mind only OE MAGICAL THING would make me feel better...or at least provide me a moment of being less pathetic than I appeared with the tissue box attached to my arm.

That ONE MAGIC THING: Wendy's French Fries with ketchup.

I can't even recall the last time I was at a Wendy's. Literally, it could be 15 years. But its all I could think about. So on my way back from Boston, I got off the Mass Pike, drove down Route 9 and bought myself a small french fry and a bottle of water. I dunked every one of those square french fries in ketchup and savored each one. They were every bit as good as I wanted them to be. Salty, crunchy, sweet - a rare (and weird) moment of bliss. I finished them, took a sip of my water and drove back to the office.

And all of that was well and good until I realized that I had carelessly thrown the water bottle into my purse, but had failed to screw the cap on with the strength of 1,000 men. That, dear readers, is how I spilled water in the bottom of my purse, which drown my iPod and everything else in my bag. Each item was wet and stuck together which created a big soggy pile of chap stick, tea bags, receipts, shopping notes, tissues, coupons, tampons and credit cards. Not to mention my gloves, ear buds, and check book. One by one each item came out of my bag and laid on the floor of my cubicle to dry.

But those French Fries were really worth it.

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Maris said...

Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of blogging! Hah