Friday, March 30, 2007

things on my mind

I have a few things on my mind. I'll start the weekend off by listing them. This weekend and next promise several weekend road trips so look forward to more fascinating posts than those of late.

1. iced venti americano from starbucks- I missed you. with the spring like weather I simply had to run out at lunch and grab one! excitement!

2. after a glowing progress report from my chiropractor after 6 months of regular visits I woke up a day later unable to move my neck. this has got to stop.

3. email at work is very important. no access to email is a super drag. and email servers that drag are worse.

4. Bono has received an honorary knighthood from merry old england. I think this is great. I am very glad for him. I suggest that he focus all efforts on his humanitarian work. it is noble and worthwhile and I really dislike any "new" U2 that is played on the radio. perhaps congress could give him an award as well and slyly pass some sort of bill that bars radio stations from playing anything U2 after Achtung Baby. I'm sure John Stewart would be behind this.

5. In a similar vein I feel the same way about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. you are no longer subversive when you can be overplayed on every genre of radio station every time you release a single about california.

6. I will be traveling to cali next month and I am way excited.

7. Don't worry! my movie soundtrack will include both U2 and RedHotChiliPeppers songs as they are integral parts of daily driving- despite the fact that I am personally over it.

Tomorrow we drive to Troy, NY

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hows yr edge said...

Bono is Irish. I am Irish. If Bono can be knighted, even if honorarily only, I can totally be knighted. I'll begin my humanitarian campaign next week and my position at the World Bank the week after.