Monday, July 30, 2007

best sign ever

this has got to be one of my favorite signs. located in the white mountain region of NH in a town between stow and north conway, I only see this sign when we head up to do some camping and venture into town for a little civilization, ice cream, and maybe a trip to the "fancy walmart" to buy a new air mattress. after not making it up to the mts. last year, the husband and I headed up a few weeks ago for a long weekend. and while it certainly wasn't the worst trip ever, there were few high points. the fact that this sign is still up though, definitely a high point.

fortunately for me I also just found this flickr group, where I learned that this advert series was designed by Peter Max. is it true? not sure because I was unable to get to however, all signs seem to point to yes. I did learn that he did design a paint job for a jet once but he did not in fact have anything to do with yellow submarine. again- true? who knows.

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