Sunday, July 29, 2007

love affair

briggsington still heart's the car...a lot. he remains ever so excited to jump into the back of the GTI at any given moment. he prefers to jump in when he knows he is going to the dump- or to dog day care. (I never thought I would be that person) this weekend we hiked up to ME for a visit with the family and I was reminded at how much the dog also loves the husband. they have a little love affair...really. this is briggs sleeping on the husbands shoulder,
which is how he slept almost all the way back to MA. he only managed to rest his big old head on my shoulder when I happen to take out a snack- for myself. only then was he all over me being his buddy. but thats ok- I know he loves me....just not quite as much as the husband. after all he does take him to the stinky dump every week.

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