Monday, September 21, 2009

5 Things

I haven't written up any stories for a while here. Things have gotten...busy.

We had a new roof put on. That was awesome and expensive and actually still requires some thought because now our house is sans gutters. The other day I noticed that there is a roofing nail that somehow landed just right and is poked right through one of the leaves of our rhododendron bush. I see the nail every time I get out of the car and it makes me wonder exactly how that happened - the nail falling so perfectly as to pierce the leaf and then sit in the bush in suspended animation - instead of falling to the ground. When I think of this I don't think about spending more money on gutters and that's probably good for my sanity.

I have been spending time at the gym. Yes, really. I think I started going back in June. While I haven't lost a single pound - I have gained a bit of knowledge. 1. Exercises keeps the anxiety at bay. 2. Starting slow was in fact the way for me to play the game. (Not once has a piece of gym equipment shut off while I was using it) 3. I actually work out harder when distracted by reading a book. 4. I still hate lifting weights due to the boring-ness of lifting weights and the need to count and pay attention while doing so.

Never in a million years did I think it possible, but I have started using Twitter at work. Of course, this required setting up a new account as my @drivedaily account was less than relevant to the world of insurance. Since then I've been trying to tweet on both - which seems excessive for me. How many Twitter accounts does one person need?

Why can I not find true love in a throw pillow?

One last thought- I am really liking that new show Glee. Why? Don't know. It should be something I loathe - with all the singing theater nerd kids - but I find myself hoping that I didn't miss it because I can't seem to remeber what day it comes on.

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